About Uptuyu

Uptuyu is an eco-cultural tourism experience.

An Uptuyu Adventure is about having somebody who knows the country intimately escorting you to exclusive breathtaking locations, providing introductions to traditional custodians and letting you seize the moment to enjoy the real Aboriginal Kimberley at the exact time of your visit.

Whatever the experience, we can assist you to design your own personalised adventure. Whether you're after an extreme outback adventure, a relaxing luxurious indulgence or a fascinating insight into a remarkable frontier, Uptuyu can meet your needs.

Uptuyu offers nature-based tours to small groups of people in an intimate setting, providing a high quality experience. As the name implies, your experience and chosen route of travel is Uptuyu!

All along the way you will be learning about bush medicines and bush tucker as well as exploring the fascinating geography and history of the area. If there is a special interest or area you would like to cover in the tour, this may also be accommodated. Your guide will give you options all along the way remember, it's Uptuyu!

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