Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean "Design your own"?
Exactly that! You tell us what you would like to see or do and because of our local Indigenous knowledge, we can recommend the best places to go, the destinations in-between and outline your travel and accommodation options.

For example you might want to look at 1000 islands, fly over spectacular waterfalls, catch a sawfish off Broome, hover over the Bungle Bungles in a helicopter, drive the Gibb River Road, sit down to champagne, oysters and mud crabs under the golden staircase to the Kimberley moon or just take it slowly while you learn all about fascinating Indigenous Australian cultures - the possibilities are endless.

What level of fitness is needed to take part in the tours?

Again this is entirely up to you. We can tailor a tour to suit your ability - or inability!

What do the tours cost?

Costs for each tour are calculated according to the itinerary and travel-accommodation options you select. Uptuyu will guarantee a competitive price for all adventures.

What do I need to bring?
A minimum of hat, good walking shoes, sunglasses (preferably polarised to see all the barramundi!) and light weight clothing
A maximum of one 20Kg bag
The rest of your luggage can be secured in safe storage until the end of your tour.

How do I get to you?
Uptuyu is based in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. We can arrange pick-ups from the town centres of Broome and Derby.

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