We are still glowing as a result of our great trip last fall. I finally got around (these things always take time) to putting together a little memento of our trip in the form of a book. As you will see from the cover, we thought the picture with Neville was a highlight for us representing the spirit and strength of what we saw and learned about the more remote but fascinating parts of Australia.

With almost 1000 pictures and videos, it wasn’t easy to consolidate to a considerably more modest number as shown in this book, but I think it gives the flavor of the adventures that we experienced. Hank Edelman via Australia 2000 Travel

We were three NSW teachers with similar interests and UPTUYU sounded perfect: and it was! I have visited every Continent except Antarctica and my friends have travelled more extensively. WE had ten odd days of enthralling 'not to be missed' camping adventures.Our guide and his family were brilliant; we were treated with the greatest professional care
and consideration, (as were fellow travellers needing help and support); the information and provisions supplied were truely outstanding.
THANKU [June Jeremy OAM 1983]

Our time with you was very special for Alasdair and I. The Kimberley was a place we had been looking forward to visiting for a long time, and we felt very fortunate to have seen a little of it with your knowledge and guidance. Its beauty, history, varied landscapes and your stories were made it all so memorable, and we would love to visit again.
Jen and Alisdair Fraser

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