What's Happening

Achieving the 2009 Western Australian Indigenous Tourism business of the year award was a very high note to end on last year and the 2010 season promises to be an even better one for Uptuyu this year.
We are starting with Neville’s participation in the US New Product Workshop to be held in March and a busy season set to commence this Easter.
This year also sees some new and exciting partnerships forging and strengthening through the launch of the Children of the Lugger People exclusive events  in partnership with Pinctada and the long awaited opening of the Oongkalkada Wilderness Camp and Training Centre.
June this year also sees the launch of Uptuyu’s Cultural Immersion on Country camps where guests will join us to experience an intensive cross cultural awareness program at the Wilderness Camp over three days.
We offer you the opportunity to share an Uptuyu experience with us this season and invite you to join us in planning your next adventure in a way that is designed especially for you!

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