Nev and Jo - Your hosts

The adventures are brought to you by Neville Poelina and Jo Camilleri.

Neville is a local Aboriginal person - a Nyikina man.

Neville has lived all of his life in the Kimberley and has traditional ties through family connections right throughout the region. Aboriginal culture and society is his life.

Neville holds a wealth of knowledge of the region, including the history, topography, flora and fauna and first hand knowledge of the rich and varied Indigenous cultures of the area. His passion for sharing his culture, friendly disposition and considerate nature would ensure a truly enjoyable Kimberley experience.

With this first hand local knowledge at your fingertips, you can be sure that your tour will be designed to provide the best possible itinerary that suits the climate and environment at hand at the exact time of your visit.

Jo is also a partner of the Uptuyu business. Having travelled to Broome on her own adventure from Melbourne close to 20 years ago she has never looked back. Born into her family’s Melbourne café, Jo brings her own heritage and love of all things delicious to every adventure. Your meals and the finishing touches to your tours are her specialty. Whether it is to wake up to freshly brewed coffee and exotic teas or the fresh banquets she has prepared to suit the climate and adventure of the moment, you are guaranteed to feel absolutely spoilt by the extra attention she takes to ensure you are well looked after.

Your safety and comfort is always our focus. Seizing the moment, Neville and Jo are able to assist you to design the ultimate tour that meets your personal needs as well as taking full advantage of the remarkable and ever changing Kimberley.

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