Cultural Awareness


Uptuyu can also design cultural awareness experiences to assist your personal and professional Aboriginal cultural development. Our cultural awareness experiences are offered as town based workshops and on country cultural immersion experiences.


The experiences have three key outcomes:


  • Understanding traditional culture and its lived experience today
  • Understanding the inter-generational impacts of history, the challenges faced by Indigenous people today as well as celebrating the successful contribution of Indigenous Australians
  • Working well with Indigenous people to look forward together.



Looking Forward Together On Country Experience:
This 3 day cultural awareness experience allows you to engage with traditional custodians first hand and immerse yourself in Australian Aboriginal culture.


Looking Forward Together Workshop:
This 2 day workshop will provide an insight into Kimberley Indigenous culture in an interactive and informative way


Key topics include:


  • Communication: Kimberley Languages, Kriol and Aboriginal English
    Find out about different languages and dialects used in the Kimberley and effective cross-cultural communication strategies and techniques.,Role plays, Indigenous interpreters and real life scenarios will be used to show how easily languages can become confused and how simple strategies can be adopted to help with effective communication.

  • Working Together (respecting culture, protocols, kinship, etc)
    There are many language groups and cultural differences even within the Kimberley but a general awareness of important cultural information and key protocols can help to ensure you can work in a respectful way with Kimberley Aboriginal people.

  • Aboriginal History
    This session will allow a general overview of significant events in Aboriginal history that have shaped the Australian Indigenous position in society leading to the 1967 referendum and on to the 2008 Sorry Day event.

  • Contemporary Kimberley Culture
    What now? Time to explore issues faced in modern Aboriginal society and how they reflect in the Kimberley. Topics include Sorry Day, reconciliation, the government intervention, native title and many more.

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